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History of Innovation and Leadership

Already in the 50’s, João Hansen Júnior believed that plastic would be the best alternative and the big solution for hydraulic installations. His pioneering vision and innovating attitude came to constitute the DNA of Tigre, generating identity, values and postures which were maintained and that are responsible for the history of innovation and leadership of the company. Today, Tigre produces the most complete lines of PVC pipes and fittings in the world, with the best solutions to achieve the dream of having your own home, for an innovating infrastructure and for modern, sustainable agriculture.


Innovation, pioneering spirit and people capable of transforming dreams into reality form the basis of the history of Tigre, which started in 1941 when the entrepreneur João Hansen Júnior acquired the control of a small plant of combs produced from ox horn, located in Joinville, Santa Catarina. In 1991, João Hansen Júnior retired from business, leaving room for his son, Carlos Roberto Hansen, who implemented a new management method, more open and participative. In 1995, F. Amaury Olsen assumed the presidency and Tigre professionalized its administration. Since then, the Group has multiplied its operational results.

In the year 2009, the company vice president Evaldo Dreher assumes leadership of the company, guaranteeing the continuity of the professional management implemented with success. The executive leadership is thus constituted as: Evaldo Dreher, CEO and the vice presidents Gustavo Zanchi, Paulo Nascentes.

Quality and Environmental Responsibility

In 2006 Tigre S/A received the recommendation for the recertification of the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 standards, which confirmed the integration promoted by the company in its System of Quality and Socioenvironmental Responsibility. The certification and the audits are the responsibility of BV Certification – Bureau Veritas Certification.

Much more than a strategic decision, the unification of the systems was the result of an operational evolution, of a group which has had the main certificates since 1997, as the result of its management system and its organizational culture. Since October 2006, Tigre has had a single, integrated policy for Quality, Environment, Labor Safety and Health and Social Responsibility, in the manufacturing units located in Joinville (SC), Rio Claro (SP) and Camaçari (BA) and in the administrative processes located in its headquarters in Joinville (SC).

Brand which Brings Quality

The Tigre brand is one of the most worthwhile brands in Brazil, in spite of a large part of its products being behind walls and under floors. A powerful asset, the brand of the company is worth more than 40% of its sales, and is one of the best-known in the country (Top of Mind in its segment). A position gained by competent work, which gives the brand attributes such as reliability and safety. The result of clear strategies, as the option for innovating solutions and products which have quality, linked to the offer of a whole range of complete services.

Tigre is the first one that comes to mind in 74% of the consumers, according to a Top of Mind 2009 survey of Datafolha. Constancy and Consistency are essential attributes for defining the communication policy of the Company. Constancy in the sense of always being present in the media and consistency which lies in the ethical and honest manner with which Tigre relates to professionals and consumers.

Complete Solutions

The concept of complete lines of products, today widely spread, reinforces the innovation brand of Tigre. The integrated solutions in building installations, infrastructure, irrigation and esthetics in the work arise from the vocation of the company to identify and foresee customer requirements, developing products which ensure the efficacy and durability of all the system.

The dream of your own house

Building is the verb which translates the nobility of man, who builds relationships, builds dreams, builds houses. Tigre contributes to building the fulfillment of dreams, with solutions which reduce the time and risk of building, excessive labor and waste of materials. Tigre offers solutions which go from doors and windows of high performance to painting tools, including complete systems of cold water, hot water, drains, sewers, electricity, telecommunications and gas.

Innovating Infrastructure

The quality of life depends upon the quality of the infrastructure where people live. It depends on the availability of treated water, networks to collect and treat sewage, services of gas, telecommunications and electricity. The most important feature is that these services must be based on sustainable solutions, which reduce waste, are tight, have a simplified installation process and reduce the need for urban interference. Tigre develops innovating, efficient and durable infrastructure systems, aware that these investments have a sure return for both public and private agents and, chiefly, for society.
The Tigre solutions for infrastructure are innovating, efficient and durable, guaranteeing a better quality of life for the population.

Sustainable agriculture

Most of the fresh water used by man is employed for agriculture. Therefore, irrigation systems which allow the rational use of this resource are essential for sustainable development. And Tigre contributes to this process producing fixed and portable solutions for irrigation, with innovating technologies which save water and power, besides increasing productivity in the field and conserving the environment.


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