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Tigre Commitments

Tigre Commitments For TIGRE, social responsibility is managing the impacts of the organization on the communities where it has operations, respecting local customs and cultures and adopting an ethical and responsible posture of community involvement.

Commitment to Employees

The well-being of people at the workplace is ensured by health, safety and quality of life practices. An example of this commitment is the annual TIGRE Events Week (Semana de Eventos TIGRE) – SET, an initiative which replaces the old Internal Work Accident Prevention Week (Semana Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes de Trabalho) – SIPAT and which takes on themes related to Quality and the Environment in addition to Work Safety and Health issues.

Commitment to Human Rights

TIGRE adopts policies that prohibit violation of human rights, prejudice and discrimination of any nature. It publically assumes the posture of repudiation of such practices and acts in a proactive manner in its production chain through specific clauses that prohibit these types of practices in its contracts with suppliers.

Commitments to Society

Tigre establishes a relationship of value with more than 350 thousand professionals in the sectors where it is active. In 2010, more than 100 thousand professionals were qualified through some training modality offered by Tigre. Since they were created in 1967, the EATs, Tigre Refinement Schools (Escolas de Aperfeiçoamento Tigre) have been highly successful and influential, and those trained by Tigre have come to stand as a reference in the market.

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