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Basic Sanitation

Basic Sanitation For TIGRE, basic sanitation is related to health and quality of life, environmental preservation, and development of the country. According to studies from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Brazilians have shorter lives due to lack of basic sanitation.

Only half the Brazilian population has access to a sewage collection network, in the face of nearly 100 million people that do not have the same fortune. Treatment of collected sewage arrives at only 30% of the population. What is not collected and treated is dumped directly into the environment, into rivers, lakes, seas and water sources.

In the face of the challenge of changing this scenario, TIGRE maintains and supports the following initiatives:

"Trata Brasil" INSTITUTE

Treat Brazil Tigre and other important companies of the country founded the Treat Brazil Institute (Instituto Trata Brasil) in July 2007. The Institute is a Public Interest Non-Governmental Organization (Organização da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público) – OSCIP, with the proposal of creating a national movement that involves different segments of society for creating awareness of the population regarding the importance of basic sanitation for health, the environment and development of the country, as well as requiring that Government ensures sufficient and permanent resources for this sector in Brazil.

To learn more about the institute access: www.tratabrasil.org.br

Água e Cidade PROJECT:

Água e Cidade Água e Cidade is a non-governmental organization with the objective of creating awareness and mobilizing society for rational use of supply water and conservation of urban rivers. Its mission is to support and develop actions for defense and maintenance of the quality of life of human beings, of water resources, and of the environment through consciousness raising and technology.

To learn more about the project access: www.aguaecidade.org.br

Esgoto é Vida PROJECT

Esgoto é Vida Esgoto é Vida project was created to provide a series of data regarding the situation of sanitary waste systems in Brazil, with the objective of raising consciousness in society regarding the dramatic situation of basic sanitation in the country. The Dossier presents a report of illnesses resulting from the absence of sanitary waste and their transmission, and sources for gathering resources that may be applied in sanitation.

To learn more about the project access: www.esgotoevida.org.br

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