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TIGRE leads the Brazilian and South American markets and is one of the worldwide references in manufacture of PVC pipes and fittings.
Tigre business draws inspiration from the needs of those who build and offers innovative and effective solutions in thermoplastic pipes, fittings and accessories, with the commitment of always delivering the highest quality products to the Building, Infrastructure, Irrigation and Industry markets.

Tigre Tubos e Conexões

Calle 12, nº 70, Parque Industrial Pilar, Pcia de Buenos Aires, Pilar
Telefones: +54 (2322) 497000 / 0800-999-8447

Since 1998, the Pilar Industrial Complex in Argentina has been home to the most modern and automated pipe and fittings factory in the country. To complete the PVC fittings portfolio for the Argentine market, Tigre acquired the Santorelli company in 1999, consolidating the presence of the brand in Argentina.


Parque Industrial Ramón Dario Gutiérrez, PI-22, Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Telefone: +591 (3) 346 3095

The cities of Santa Cruz de La Sierra, El Alto and La Paz are home to Tigre operations in Bolivia, a country where the company has been active since purchase of the local group Plasmar. The investment in Bolivia was established in the year 2000.


Avenida La Montaña, 754, Barrio Industrial Los Libertadores, Colina, Santiago
Telefones: +56 (2) 444 3900

In the city of Colina, Chile, is one of the most modern Tigre factories, with plastic transformation capacity of 25 thousand tons per year. In 1997, control of the Fanaplas company was acquired in the country. This first movement not only allowed getting to know the country better, but also ascertaining that without local leadership, Tigre would not be able to have the necessary scale and consequently the desired results. Two years later, the company purchased, all at once, the Chilean company Plastica 21 and the integrality of the net assets of Reifox and Saladillo.


Km2, Via Siberia-Cota, Parque Industrial Lebbos, Bodegas 7 y 8, Cota - Cundinamarca
Telefone: 57 1 742 6465

Since June 2008, Tigre has carried out production at its factory unit in Columbia, located in the municipality of Cota, Greater Bogota, a region of a great deal of natural beauty where various companies are being constructed. Tigre products were already known in the country, which received the products through importation undertaken by local distributors. Columbia is the second most populous and third richest country in South America. It is a nation in development with many opportunities that lie ahead.


Panamericana Norte, KM 12 1/2 y El Arenal Complejo Ind. Delta, Quito
Telefone: +593 (2) 242 2628

The capital of Ecuador, Quito, has been home to a Tigre distribution center since 2006. The company had already been present in that market for various years by intermediation of a local distributor which imported Tigre products from Brazil. In 2007, Ecuador received its first factory unit of the Brazilian multinational.

Estados Unidos
Estados Unidos

2315, Beloit Avenue, Janesville, Wisconsin, Zip Code 53546
Telefone: 001-608-754-4554 / Fax: 001-608-554-4625

In Janesville, Wisconsin, is located the factory of the Tigre group in the United States. Since 2006, the company has produced molded fittings of up to 12 inches for residential and infrastructure application. Tigre provides high quality products for its customers in the United States and Canada.


Avenida Cacique Lambaré, 2244 c Acosta Ñú, Lambaré
Telefone: +595 (21) 905452

Tigre began its internationalization process more than a decade before the globalization phenomenon arrived at Brazilian companies. With Tubopar, established in Paraguay in 1977, in partnership with local business owners, Tigre has been absolute leader in that market, with a nearly 80% share.


Calle 16, n° 120 - Altura Cuadra 16 Av. La Paz, San Miguel, Lima
Telefone: 51-1 578-2989 / Fax: 51- 1 578-2729

In January 2008, the Tigre Group acquired the company Plastica S/A, with main offices in Lima, capital of Peru. With this purchase, it came to hold a significant share of the market in the country. The Peruvian economy is passing through a favorable period with stable inflation and above average growth.


Ruta Nacional, n° 1, Km 46,2 - C.P.: 80.100, Libertad, San Jose
Telefone: (598) 3453511 / 0800 8343

With Tub Conex Uruguay, Tigre has factories in nine countries in addition to Brazil. The Uruguay unit is located in Libertad, a municipality in the state of São José, located 40 kilometers from the capital Montevideo. Tigre maintains a solid commercial relation with Uruguay and, since 2006, has supplied the market directly from its Distribution Center. With the factory, the company reinforces its presence in the country. The unit produces pipes for the irrigation and building segments.

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