• Raw material PP
  • Diameter


- Durability: resistant to weather and corrosion;

- Greater flexibility for projects: options of color as well as round and square downspouts;

- Easy installation ensured by standard parts and simple assembly by just fitting the parts together.



- Made of polypropylene with anti-UV additive, provides greater flexibility and durability;

- Available in white, adapting to different project styles;

- Its format provides good flow for the best rainwater drainage;

- Secure fit of parts;

- Reference Standards: NBR 10844.


For installation of the Basket Strainer for Roof Drains, simply fit it with downspout options DN 88 and DN 100, and in the latter case, together with grate holder DN 100. The product doesn't require frequent cleaning. When necessary, it is recommended to use a damp cloth with water and soap or dish soap. Periodically, it is recommended to check the nozzles and the use of the basket strainer to avoid clogging. To remove the product, just follow the reverse process to installation.


88 / 100 32196152 4


Bitola H d
88 / 100 137,72 72,72

Sim. Pode ser utilizada nos condutores circulares e retangulares destas duas linhas de calhas Tigre.