- Practical to use - water blocking and draining is obtained with a simple finger push, through the exclusive Quick Release Drain Stopper;

- Prevents loss of drain stopper - Quick Release Drain Stopper is attached to valve;

- Easy installation - no need for special tools or sealing material, as it has a flange with ergonomic flaps and rubber ring for sealing;

- Easy cleaning: just unscrew the Quick Release Drain Stopper.



- Raw material - Polyoxymethylene Drain Stopper; The body and valve clamping nut are made of polypropylene;

- Gauge - 1.1/4”;

- Color - White;

- Resistant to temperature up to 100°C and household chemicals;

- Body's double sealing made of EPDM rubber;

- Nitrile rubber for sealing of the Quick Release Drain Stopper;

- Quick Release Drain Stopper fixed to valve by threading;

- Reference Standards: NBR 10979 and NBR 11146.


To facilitate installation, unscrew the Quick Release Drain Stopper before installing the valve in the sink. Once attached, screw the stopper back on. First, insert the valve body with the sealing ring over the sink. The second step is to attach the other sealing ring under the sink or, if you prefer, use silicone in the nut groove and then manually tighten the bolt. To operate the valve, simply push the quick release drain stopper to open and close.


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