• Raw material PVC
  • Maximum working temperature 40º
  • Diameter
    100 a 400


- Guaranteed watertightness by gasket joints;

- Complete system with pipes and fittings in several gauges;

- Fast installation, greater productivity with cost reduction;

- Less dependence on skilled labor;

- Smooth internal surface;

- Easy maintenance;

- Restricts the access of undesirable materials (solids) inside the pipes due to reduced dimensions of the plugs;

- Eliminates operator's manual visits inside the system;

- Long durability, avoiding wasted resources and urban disruption with opening of ditches and blocking streets.



- Made of rigid PVC;

- Gasket joint system;

- Color: ocher;

- Nominal diameters (gauge) DN 100 to DN 400;

- Dimensioned to work underground and unpressurized (pipe flow);

- Maximum temperature of waste conduction at 40ºC;

- Roughness coefficient (Manning): n = 0.010;

- Impact resistance according to ABNT NBR 7362-1

- Resistance to diametrical compression;

- Reference Standards: ABNT NBR-7362-1:1999, ABNT NBR-10569: 1988, ABNT NBR-10570: 1988, ABNT NBR 9051, ABNT NBR-7367 and ABNT NBR-9814.


In order to install the sanitary sewer system, it is necessary to follow the technical rules for excavation and slopes estimated in the project. Dragging pipes on the ground during transportation and when lowering pipes in the ditches must be prevented. Check out the full step by step on the product data sheet.


What is the maximum working temperature for the Vinilfort pipe? 

The maximum temperature indicated for the use of the Vinilfort pipe is 40ºC, and its use is not recommended in higher temperatures.

Can the repair coupling be used in vertical pipes?

The Repair Coupling is an important fitting for repairs to hydraulic pipes. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical systems, however it is of fundamental importance to perform anchoring or docking to prevent its movement.

What paint is suitable for painting PVC sewage and brown pipes that will stay under sun and rain?

To protect pipes from UV rays, we recommend a water-based paint, and no paints based on solvents or oil are recommended, as these can lead to loss of pipe resistance.


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- Fabricados em PVC rígido;

- Sistema de junta elástica;

- Cor - Ocre;

- Diâmetros nominais (bitolas) - DN100 a DN400;

- Dimensionados para trabalharem enterrados e sem pressão (conduto livre);

- Temperatura máxima de condução dos despejos de 40ºC;

- Coeficiente de rugosidade (Manning) - n=0,010;

- Resistência a impacto, conforme ABNT NBR 7362-1;

- Resistência a compressão diametral;

- Normas de Referência: ABNT NBR-7362-1:1999, ABNT NBR-10569: 1988, ABNT NBR-10570: 1988, ABNT NBR 9051, ABNT NBR-7367 e ABNT NBR-9814.