• Raw material PVC
  • Maximum working temperature 20º
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 80


- Full line of pipes and fittings to meet project needs;

- Quick system assembly and disassembly: no tools required, being manually coupled due to its coupling type; allows immediate use after assembly.

- Lightweight, so it makes it easier to handle and change the position of the lateral lines;

- Fast maintenance: corrective maintenance performed at the ends (male and female);

- Durability: high resistance of PVC to weather and chemicals used in the fertigation, and galvanized couplings that ensure longer life.



- Components of the line are made of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

- Blue color, with metallic saddle quick coupling (ES) and PVC support ring in yellow;

- Galvanized steel saddle coupling;

- Class PN 80 (operating pressure of 80 meter WC);

- Double-lip sealing ring;

- Pipes with gasket and end;

- Pipes supplied in bars with a length of 6.0 meters;

- Available in diameters of 50mm (2”), 75mm (3”) and 100mm (4”).


The projects must be assembled by manually connecting pipes and fittings with ends and gaskets clean and free of soil particles. The water flow direction from the male end to the female end is very important to provide a perfect sealing of the double-lip sealing ring. Sprinkler risers must be properly anchored to avoid tumbling them. ES Irriga pipes and fittings should always be installed on the ground surface. To connect the parts, align the pipes and check the correct positioning of the sealing ring. Next, fit the pipe end in the gasket and fit the saddle coupling. Pull the pipes by eliminating the gap between the coupling and the yellow coupling ring. Check out the product data sheet for more details.


2 15323205 5
3 15323221 5
4 15323248 1


Bitola B C D L e
2 60 57 50,6 6000 1,9
3 75 71 75,4 6000 2,5
4 85 81 101,6 6000 3,6