Dúvidas Tigre

Yes, in addition to not being affected by these substances, the product is also immune to harmful elements of the soil and does not oxidize, even when exposed to harsh environments.

No, just masonry walls, supporting loads up to 320N/5CM.

Yes, the cover is reversible and can be opened to the right or left.

They can be secured with Velcro tape or nylon clamps.

Transport of fluids in pressurized, aerial or buried networks (according to the current standard).

Water transportation in pressurized and buried distribution networks.

The main benefits are: High impact resistance due to the compound, Higher productivity due to the ease of the JEI joint, Ease of acquisition because the ring is already incorporated in the pipe, Better hydraulic performance due to the smooth inner surface, Interchange with pipes and fittings of cast iron, Maintenance facilitated due to the PVC Sliding glove.

LF stands for Fixed Line and JE, Elastic Connection, developed for applications of fixed lines exclusively buried for irrigation systems.

LF means Fixed Line and PBL, Smooth bell and spigot, to be made weldable joints with plastic adhesive. Used in the applications of buried or apparent fixed lines for irrigation systems.