• Maintenance of the Activation buttons for the Tigre Automatic Faucets
  • Speed: fast and smooth closure between 4 and 10 seconds.
  • Quality: 100% tested and standardized product (NBR 13713: 2009) manufactured in Engineering Plastics (ABS). Resistant to the use of 200,000 cycles.


Check out the detailed and illustrated product installation step-by-step in the datasheet available for download in the annex.

1. Before installing the valve, flow the water to remove any dirt from the tubing.

2. Check according to the table if the flow reducer is needed, if so, install it at the valve inlet.

3. Close the general valve and clean the place where the valve will be mounted; Apply Tigre thread sealing tape (sold separately) on input connection, 3 to 4 turns are sufficient. Use the ½ '' to ¾'' adapter if necessary.

4. Screw the valve manually to the wall with the finish, and install into the hydraulic connection by threading it until the necessary tightening is achieved to ensure the seal by aligning the outlet facing down.

5. When installing the hose, cut it to the required length, after Finishing, first insert the hose into the dishwasher and then secure the assembly with the locking nut.

6. Open the general valve. Your Tigre Faucet is ready for use.


Gauge CODE
Branco com Cromo 300000657

Composition: ABS, POM, stainless steel, elastomers, chrome components
may have copper, nickel and chromium alloys;
Color: White with Chrome;
Activation time: 4 to 10s;
With flow reducer;
With aerator for water saving;
For use in cold water;
Working pressure: 0.2 to 4.0 kgf/cm²;
Maximum working temperature: 40°C; Gauge: ½'' (DN15)
Minimum Flow Rate Faucet: 0,04L/s

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