Repair of wheel for White Tigre Purifiers.
Versatile and easy to use: steering wheels with smart mechanism: up releases water from the purifier and down, releases water from the faucet. When in the center, the water outlet closes. Wheel with 1/4 turn stem and ceramic insert, plus movable spout on faucet and on purifier.


With the general valve closed, dismount the handwheel from the purifier by pulling it out of the frame, then unscrew the fixture from the repair and replace it, if you look at the mounting position, with the larger detail facing forward, after fitting the repair to the set the fastener again by screwing it to the body, applying low torque, thus ensuring that no leaks occur, then mount the steering wheel in the same position as the image by pressing it on the repair.


Color CODE
Branco 300000864
Cromado 300000865

¼ turn release mechanism, with ceramic seal;
Colors: White and Chrome.

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