- Water savings - maximum of 9 liters with each flush, and it can be regulated to 6.8 liters.

- Ensured system watertightness;

- Easy adjustment of water volume through the float valve;

- Bowl cleaning guarantee;

- Easy installation - comes with a level for positioning the flush tank;

- Simple and convenient installation by simple fitting of components;

- Easy cleaning - smooth surfaces.



- Material - Polyethylene flush tank and flexible PVC coupling;

- Available colors - White, Beige, Caramel, Gray, Green and Salmon;

- Usable volume - 6.8 to 9.0 liters;

- Possibility of acquisition with or without flexible coupling;

- Reference Standard - NBR 15491.


Locate on the wall the correct location for the centralized installation of the flush tank with the toilet. Then take the necessary height measurements and make sure leveling is correct. Check if the water outlet is on the same side as the float valve. Fit the flush tank in the fixed support level. The next step is to install the pipe, which should have the adequate length, fit it into the tank outlet. Connect using the flexible coupling Tigre. Then, thread the coupling terminals onto the tank nipple. Test the operation by pushing the button a few times. Check out the full installation step by step on the product data sheet or watch the video.


Caramelo 300 26911265 5
Bege 200 26911230 5
Cinza 100 26911214 5
Branco 000 26911206 5

Check that the tank assembly is level or that the Discharge Pipe is forcing the tank up. If these are not the causes of the problem, please contact our technical assistance by TeleTigre at 0800.7074700

Compruebe que la instalación de la caja esté nivelada o si el tubo de descarga está forzando la caja hacia arriba. Si no son estas las causas del problema, contacte nuestro servicio técnico por TeleTigre en el teléfono 0800.7074700

Verifique se a instalação da caixa está nivelada ou se o Tubo de Descarga está forçando a caixa para cima. Caso não sejam estas as causas do problema, contate nossa assistência técnica pelo TeleTigre, no telefone 0800.7074700