• Raw material PVC
  • Maximum working temperature 20º
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 80


- Full line: meets the construction needs;

- Lightness: easy transportation, storage and handling;

- Durability: can be exposed to the sun and weather resistant, has anti-UV properties in its composition.

Resistance: resists chemicals used in fertigation as well as contaminated soil.

- Easy maintenance: there is no loss of pipes, as corrective maintenance is done with the aid of repair couplings.



- Pipes and fittings made of PVC;

- Color: blue;

- Weld joints by adhesive;

- Gasket joint with rubber ring;

- Diameters 35, 50, 75, 100, 125 and 200mm;

- Mounting length: 6 meters;

- PVC compound with UV resistance;

- Reference Standards: NBR 14312 - Irrigation and Drainage Pipes of rigid PVC with weld or gasket joint; PN40 and PN80 for permanent irrigation systems. NBR14311 - Irrigation and Drainage Rigid PVC Pipes.

- Strength class: PN 40 = 1800 Pa; PN 60 = 4800 Pa, PN 80 = 8500 Pa and PN 125 = 15000 Pa.


Important: Before performing the backfill, all joints must be checked for watertightness. Inspections should preferably be done between branches and at most every 500 meters. The first step is performing the joints. Then, excavate the ground and settle the bottom of the ditch for laying the pipes. On the Product Data Sheet, you can check out all instructions for use and installation step by step.


50 15181974 5
75 15202025 5
100 15202157 1
150 15292083 1


Bitola B D L e
50 50 50,5 6050 1,9
75 70 75,5 6070 2,5
100 86 101,6 6086 3,6
150 115 150 6115 5

LF means Fixed Line and PBL, Smooth bell and spigot, to be made weldable joints with plastic adhesive. Used in the applications of buried or apparent fixed lines for irrigation systems.

LF significa Línea Fija y PBL, Ponta Bolsa Lisa, para ser realizada juntas soldables con adhesivo plástico. Usados ​​en las aplicaciones de líneas fijas enterradas o aparentes para sistemas de riego.

LF significa Linha Fixa e PBL, Ponta Bolsa Lisa, para ser realizada juntas soldáveis com adesivo plástico. Usados nas aplicações de linhas fixas enterradas ou aparentes para sistemas de irrigação.