- Design - Smooth and glossy finish providing a cleaner look. The lid fully covers the seat, muffling the toilet flush sound;

- Comfort - It has an anatomical shape, providing more comfort;

- Hygiene - It has a smooth surface, easy to clean;

- Easy installation - For better adjustment, the screws have a shape that allows adjustment of the distance between the toilet seat holes. Screws can be tightened manually. There is no need to use a tool.



- Compatible with oval toilet seats;

- Available in colors - White, Gray, Beige, Caramel, Green and Salmon;

- Seat lid - Produced in polypropylene, oval format and smooth and glossy finish;

- Screw - Produced in polypropylene, with ergonomic flaps that allow manual tightening;

- Seat - Made of polyethylene;

- Display at the POS - Product includes a hook that facilitates display at the point of sale;

- Reference Standard - NBR 15097.


Max Toilet Seat is easy to install. It has adjustable hinges for all oval toilet seats, allowing adjustment so that the lid stays open. Clean the area before installing the new seat, then put the screws in the proper position and fasten the nuts.


Bege 200 26910234 5
Cinza 100 26910218 5
Branco 000 26910200 5
Caramelo 300 26910269 5