• Maximum working temperature 90º
  • Strength (measure) 27,3N/cm
  • Standard NBR 60454-3-1-5


- Safety: Regulated product with certification in national and international standards. PVC film does not propagate flames. High dielectric strength: withstands voltage variations;

- Easy installation: The flexibility of the tape ensures a good handling in different conditions of use;

- Higher adherence: Its special formula ensures a good fixation over time;

- Resistance: Vinyl backing tape with excellent mechanical strength.



- Product made of PVC-based film;

- Rubber resin adhesive;

- Flame retardant PVC film (self-extinguishing);

- Class B: Thickness: 0.15 mm, Width: 19 mm, in black. Available in 20m, 10m and 5m lengths.

- Operating temperature: 0ºC up to 90ºC;

- Insulation up to 750 V;

- Resistance to UV rays;

- Its packaging protects against contamination;

- Internal tube in cardboard;

- Reference Standard: NBR 5410 and NBR NM 60454 -3-1-5.


In the Product Data Sheet or Technical Brochure, you will find the step-by-step installation instructions for each case.


0,15mm x19mm x20m 54502559 60
0,15mm x19mm x10m 54502451 72
0,15mm x19mm x5m 54502354 48

In seams and terminations of wires and electric cables up to 750V, in the low voltage electrical installations of homes, offices, shops and industries.

En enmiendas y terminaciones de hilos y cables eléctricos hasta 750V, en las instalaciones eléctricas de baja tensión de residencias, oficinas, tiendas e industrias.

A Fita Isolante Tigre Performance Classe B pode ser usada em emendas e terminações de fios e cabos elétricos até 750V, nas instalações elétricas de baixa tensão de residências, escritórios, lojas e indústrias.