• Maximum working temperature 90º
  • Strength (measure) 19,6N/cm
  • Standard NBR 60454-3-1-5


- Safety: Regulated product with certification in national and international standards. PVC film does not propagate flames. High dielectric strength: withstands voltage variations;

- Easy installation: The flexibility of the tape ensures a good handling in different conditions of use;

- Higher adherence: Its special formula ensures a good fixation over time;

- Resistance: Excellent mechanical strength.



- Product made of PVC-based film;

- Rubber resin adhesive;

- Flame retardant PVC film (self-extinguishing);

- Class C: - Thickness: 0.13 mm, Width: 18 mm. Available in yellow, blue, white, green and red in lengths of 10 m.

- Operating temperature: 0ºC up to 90ºC;

- Insulation up to 750 V;

- Resistance to UV rays;

- Its packaging protects against contamination;

- Internal tube in cardboard;

- Reference Standard: NBR 5410 and NBR NM 60454 -3-1-5.


In the Product Data Sheet or Technical Brochure, you will find the step-by-step installation instructions for each case.


Amarela 0,13x18 54502702 40
Azul 0,13x18 54502710 40
Branca 0,13x18 54502729 40
Verde 0,13x18 54502737 40
Vermelha 0,13x18 54502745 40

The main function is to perform electrical insulation for wires and power cables in order to form a protective layer highly resistant to abrasion, and also against the action of ultraviolet rays. It can also be used for identification of wires, busbars, protection and marking of tools and parts.

La principal función es efectuar aislamiento eléctrico para cables y cables de energía, a fin de formar una capa protectora altamente resistente a la abrasión, y también contra la acción de los rayos ultravioleta. También se puede utilizar para identificación de hilos, barras, protección y marcado de herramientas y piezas.

A principal função é efetuar isolação elétrica para fios e cabos de energia, a fim de formar uma capa protetora altamente resistente à abrasão, e também contra a ação dos raios ultravioleta. Pode ser usada também para identificação de fios, barramentos, proteção e marcação de ferramentas e peças.