• Maximum working temperature 54º
  • Diameter
  • Standard NBR 8160


- Innovative design;

- Greater flow and water collection;

- Easy cleaning: smooth surface with less possibility of incrustations.




- Raw material: PVC;

- Length: 2.5m;

- Colors: white and gray;

- Operating temperature: 45 °C;

- Reference Standard: NBR 8160.



To ensure good adhesion of the trench with the grout, sand the external surfaces of the product and apply Tigre's PVC adhesive. Spread sand in the area and let it dry. Level the floor taking into account the drain trench profile. Make sure there is a syphon system to prevent bad smell. The drain trench outlet must be connected to a syphon system. Install the drain trench using the appropriate connections for your project joining them with plastic adhesive. Install the product as specified in the project, remembering that at the time of concreting, the drain trench should have the grate attached to it. It is important that when concreting, pieces of cardboard are placed between the grate and the trench wall to create an expansion space. Perform the finish with the desired floor coating, respecting the maximum height of the gutter. You will find more installation information in the Product Data Sheet.



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