- Easy handling: Flexible, lightweight material that allows bending. It is supplied in reels and bars;

- Fast and efficient installation: Fewer fittings used in the installation, ensuring a greater agility in the installation time, decrease in the load loss due to reduction of fittings and pipes with long radius curvature;

- Safety: Absolute watertightness of the system;

- Durability; Higher tensile and compressive strength. System with high resistance to corrosion;

- Versatility: Compatibility with other systems through transition fittings;

- Economy: Reduction in the incidence of theft for not being made of copper.



- As it is produced in polymer, it undergoes less oxidation;

- Multilayer Pipes, consisting of: PEX inner layer, adhesive layer, aluminum layer, adhesive layer and outer layer of PE material;

- Gauge: 16, 20, 26 and 32 mm;

- Length: Bars of 5 m and reels of 50 m and 100 m;

- Yellow color;

- The aluminum layer has a Butt-Weld (Top Weld), which offers a greater resistance than other manufacturing forms;

- Greater productivity for the installation;

- Reels: easy to carry and handle, smaller storage space;

- Reference Standards: ISO 17484-1, DVGW VP 632, DVGW VP 625 and NBR 15526.


In the Product Data Sheet or Technical Brochure, you will find the step-by-step installation instructions for each case.


16mm x 100 metros 37666750 1
20mm x 100 metros 37666777 1
26mm x 50 metros 37666793 1
32mm x 50 metros 37666815 1