The Maxim-ar Claris Tigre model caters to the most diverse architectural styles of residential, commercial and industrial works. Its opening system, some dimensional up to 90 °, provides wide ventilation of the environments and facilitate the cleaning of the leaves. The model guarantees excellent sealing, as well as tactical and acoustic comfort.

Excellent sealing;
Excellent sealing;
Wide ventilation;
Excellent acoustic comfort.

Accessories Europe Line
White color

- Rounded Clasp:
• Design for the domestic market
- Square Clasp:
• Imported design
- Square Clasp with Knob on the Handle:
• Imported design
• Possibility of locking

Wood and Colors Line Accessories
Colors: Chrome Satin, Stainless and Black

- Key Lock


- Glass;
- Veneziana Cega ou Vazada;
- Mosquito netting.

- Modulation with Arc or other models of frames;
- Pinázio.