The Claris Tigre Giro Door offers a differentiated and innovative design, ideal for residential and commercial environments. With one or two sheets, it can be applied to glass, venetian blind, PVC panel and panel or a combination of these materials.

Excellent sealing;
Greater ventilation;
Excellent acoustic comfort.

Accessories Europe Line
White color

- Door Lock Europe:
• Possibility of Locking
• Differentiated design with separate doorknob and cradle

- GU Handle for Turning Door Europe:
• Imported design
• Possibility of multiple locks
• Excellent acoustic comfort (with threshold)
• Increased security

Wood and Colors Line Accessories
Colors: Chrome Satin, Stainless and Black

- Knob with Mirror


- Glass;
- Veneziana Cega ou Vazada;
- PVC plate.

- Modulation with Arc or other models of frames;
- Manual or Automated Shutter;
- Pinázio;
- Travessa;
- Sill (for doors with multipoint lock).