• Raw material PVC
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 75
  • Stiffness class (measure) 47.000Pa


- Easy installation;

- Watertightness;

- It has smooth internal surface, ensuring minimum load loss.



- Color: Brown;

- Diameter (gauge): DN 50/ DE 60, DN 75/ DE 85 and DN 100/ DE 110 mm;

- Pressure classes: CL 12 (60 meter WC 0.6MPa); LC 15 (75 meter WC 0.75MPa); Cl20 (100 meter WC 1.0MPa) at 20°C temperature;

- Gasket Joint;

- Strength class of: 25,200Pa for Class 12; 47,400Pa for Class 15; 84,000Pa for Class 20;

- Reference Standards: NBR 5647-1 and NBR 9822.


First, check the recommendations for installing the PBA pipes that are described in NBR9822. Other phases include the service of preparing and settling the bottom of the ditch, settling pipes and performing joints. Check the joints’ watertightness before making the backfill and rebuilding the surface. Detailed information can be found in the product data sheet.



In the PBA and PBS lines, what is the difference between Class 12, 15 and 20?

The pressure class determines the maximum working pressure to which the pipe resists. In the case of Class 12, 15 and 20 pipes, they resist 6Kgf/cm² / 7.5Kgf/cm² and 10Kgf/cm² respectively. We remind you that the maximum service pressure of each system must be in accordance with its respective installation standard.

What does the acronym PBA mean?

The meaning of the acronym PBA (in Portuguese) is END - GASKET - RING, identifying that the product has a gasket joint.

Can the repair coupling be used in vertical pipes?

The Repair Coupling is an important fitting for repairs to hydraulic pipes. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical systems, however it is of fundamental importance to perform anchoring or docking to prevent its movement.

What paint is suitable for painting PVC sewage and brown pipes that will stay under sun and rain?

To protect pipes from UV rays, we recommend a water-based paint, and no paints based on solvents or oil are recommended, as these can lead to loss of pipe resistance.

How can anchorage of the repair coupling be held in apparent installations? 

Please be advised that in apparent installations, we recommend the use of clamps to prevent the Repair Coupling from moving.


DN60/DE75 10230756 3


Bitola B D DE L e
DN60/DE75 90,3 75,5 75 6000 4,2