• Maximum working temperature 75º
  • Diameter
  • Standard NBR 5688


- Greater freedom when preparing the building sewage project, since it eliminates geometric constraints;

- Offers material savings;

- It reduces project time;

- It replaces improvised detours in angles different from 90º;

- It allows disassembly to access pipes (visit).




- Made of PVC;

- Color: White;

- Gauge: 100 mm;

- Double operation joints, weld or gasket types, with a rubber ring;

- Maximum temperature of 45ºC (Normal Series) and 70°C (Reinforced Series) in non-continuous basis;

- Angle adjustment from 0 to 90°;

- Reference Standards: NBR 5688/ Certification: PGQ 1-IP (Certification ASFAMAS).


Gasket joints: Clean the end of the pipe and the Curvar fitting gasket and accommodate the rubber ring in the gasket groove. Mark the depth of the gasket on the end of the pipe to be inserted. Apply the Tigre Pipe Joint Lubricant on the ring and on the end of the pipe. Do not use oil or grease. Fit the beveled tip of the pipe in the bottom of the gasket, back 5mm in case of exposed pipes and 2mm for underground pipes, having as a reference the mark previously made on the pipe's end. The gap is necessary for the expansion of the joint. Weld joints: Check if the Curvar gasket and the end of the pipes are clean. With a wet and dry sandpaper, remove the shine of the surfaces to be welded to increase the attack surface of the adhesive. Clean the surfaces with Tigre's Cleaning Solution. The fitting must be quite tight, almost impossible without adhesive, because if there is no pressure, welding will not occur. Evenly spread the adhesive with a brush or the tip of the tube on the treated surfaces. Fit the parts and remove any excess adhesive.


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