• Raw material PTFE
  • Maximum working temperature 240º
  • Standard NBR 16368


- Full sealing and greater resistance for joints;
- Easy application;
- Easy to disassemble joints for potential maintenance;
- Protection against oxidation, rust and gripping. 

- Composition: product 100% based on unsintered PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene;
- Shelf life: indefinitely;
- Width: 18mm;
- Thickness: 0.07mm;
- Length: available in 10m, 25m and 50m rolls;
- Polystyrene cartridge;
- Triplex cardboard packaging to prevent the tape from fraying;
- Reference Standards: ABNT NBR 13124
- PTFE Physical and Chemical Properties - Consult Product Data Sheet


Make sure that any residue in the area where the tape will be applied is removed. Apply Thread Seal Tape Tigre clockwise, so that each turn passes 0.5cm over the other, in a total of 5-8 turns or as needed. Cut the tape and press it on the thread to ensure a perfect finish. Avoid left over tape at the end of thread edge, as it may hinder fixing. Important: Do not use PVC adhesive on threaded fittings. Excess tape can cause rupture on pipes and fittings. Use only manual fastening. On the Product Data Sheet, you can check out more information for using the Thread Seal Tape Tigre.


18 mm x 10 m 54501854 63
18 mm x 25 m 54501900 28
18 mm x 50 m 54501951 28