• Raw material PVC
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 75
  • Standard NBR 5648


- Easy installation;

- Lightweight material;

- Full line of pipes and fittings;

- Resistance to several chemicals;

- Durability: 50-year life span;

- Efficiency and Savings;

- Bushing maintains integrity of the internal thread and guides the metal male thread.



- Raw material: PVC, with metal brass bushing;

- Color: Brown;

- BSP Standard thread (NBQ ISO 7-1);

- Gauge: 20 x 1/2”, 25 x 3/4”, 25 x 1/2”, 32 x 3/4”;

- Working pressure (at 20ºC): 7.5 Kgf/cm² (75 meter WC or 750 kPa);

- Cold welding joints - does not require the use of tools and sophisticated equipment;

- Does not corrode;

- Reference Standard: NBR 5648.


Apply thread seal tape in enough quantity to ensure sealing. Do not over use it as it causes a ruptured connection. Do not overtighten, as this does not ensure sealing and breaks the connection. Do not use PVC adhesive to the threads. Before screwing the parts, check the size of the metal thread, if it is greater than the size of the fitting gasket, it is advisable to cut the excess, otherwise do not thread the part beyond the fitting gasket stop. On the Product Data Sheet, you can check out all instructions for use and installation of the Weld 90o Elbow with Brass Bushing.


Can Brown PVC be used with hot water?

Brown PVC pipes should be applied on the conduction of cold water (20°C), supporting peaks up to 45 °C. For use in hot water systems, Aquatherm is the only Tigre pipe that meets all standards.


On which side should be the Adapter with flanges ring for the water tank?

The ring must always stay outside the tank.


Can Brown PVC be used exposed to the sun?

No. This line does not have protection additives against UV rays.


Can I bend brown PVC pipes heating up the pipe?

No. PVC pipes when heated in an uncontrolled manner lose their pressure and mechanical strength features. To crate curves, use the available fittings from the line. Always follow your home's hydraulic design, it should be done according to the products available in the market.


Why should I use the Cleaning Solution?

The Cleaning Solution removes from the pipe and fitting surfaces dirt and "grease" that can damage the welding, as well as preparing the part's wall to receive the adhesive.



20 x 1/2" 35217789 15
25 x 3/4" 35217835 20
25 x 1/2" 35227822 20
32 x 3/4" 35227873 20


Bitola A D d
20 x 1/2" 27 20 1/2
25 x 3/4" 31 25 3/4
25 x 1/2" 31 25 1/2
32 x 3/4" 37 32 3/4