• Raw material PVC
  • Diameter
  • Standard NBR 10844


- Durability: resistant to weather and corrosion;

- Greater flexibility for projects due to color options as well as round and square downspouts;

- Easy installation ensured by standard parts and simple assembly by just fitting the parts together.



- The Aquapluv Style line consists of gutters, downspouts, connectors and brackets;

- Produced in PVC with anti-UV additive that protects system parts against the action of sun rays;

- Available in two color options: white and beige;

- Gauge:100 x 65x 100 mm;

- Smooth internal surface: easier flow and prevents accumulation of sludge and leaves;

- Two adapter options: square and round;

- Secure fit of parts;

- Simple installation: connectors with eyebolts for direct mounting to the already existent fascia boards and seals;

- Rubber lip seals, ensuring watertightness, even for the critical changes in temperature;

- Brackets available in two versions: PVC and metallic, painted in the gutter colors;

- Reference Standard: NBR 10844.


Installation of the Aquapluv® Style Square Downspout Adapter happens through simple fitting at the end of the downspout. In the product data sheet, you can check out the installation step-by-step.


100x65x100 32196071 3


Bitola A D H L1 L2
100x65x100 94 106,5 105 101 70

Make the interconnection of the Aquapluv Style Rectangular Guide Pipe with Sewage Pipe or Sandbox whose diameters are respectively DN 88 and DN100.

Hacer la interconexión del tubo de conducción rectangular Aquapluv Style con tubo de desagüe o caja de arena cuyos diámetros son respectivamente DN 88 y DN100.

A função do Joelho de Transição Retangular é fazer a interligação do Tubo Condutor Retangular Aquapluv Style com Tubo de Esgoto ou Caixa de Areia cujos diâmetros são respectivamente DN 88 e DN100.