- Sustainability: Formula without toluene. It has the Low-VOC seal, a Green seal indicating low emission of solvents, having less impact on the environment (important for buildings that want to achieve LEED certification); 
- Several Packages: Provides the following packaging choice options: tubes of 17g and 75g as well as 175g and 850g bottles, adapting to different consumer needs; 
- Easy product application: it does not require special tools, just use a brush or the product's own adhesive application nozzle; 
- Perfect watertightness.

- Chemical Composition: product based on mixtures of formaldehyde solvents, ketones and PVC resin;
- Flammable: With toxic fumes;
- Incompatible materials or substances: strong oxidizing materials such as Liquid Chlorine and Concentrated Oxygen;
- Available in 4 different sizes: Tubes of 17g and 75g; Bottles of 175g and 850g;
- Shelf life: 12 months
- Maximum operating temperature: 80°C;
- Reference Standards: NBR 


First, test the fit between the parts, which must be quite tight, almost impossible without adhesive, because if there is no pressure, welding will not occur. Clean surfaces with Tigre's Cleaning Solution, eliminating dirt and grease. Evenly spread Aquatherm Adhesive in the grooves and the ends to be welded. Fit at once the ends to be welded, providing a slight rotation movement between the parts, ¼ turn, until they reach their final position. Remove excess adhesive.  


175g 53010407 8
850g 53010415 4