• Raw material CPVC
  • Maximum working temperature 80º
  • Standard NBR 15884


Easy installation: No special equipment and skilled labor required. With cold welding joints (with their own adhesive);
- Good thermal insulation: Due to its low thermal conductivity, Aquatherm® pipes and fittings do not require the application of thermal insulators when used embedded or exposed;
- Durability: CPVC Aquatherm® does not suffer chemical attack of substances in water. This prevents oxidation, rust or corrosion of components, and incrustations that compromise the design flow throughout the product's lifespan.

- Made of CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride): low thermal conductivity;
- Color: Beige;
- Gauge: 28, 35, 42 e 54mm;
- Working pressure: 6.0 kgf/cm2 or 60 meter WC conducting water at 80°C; 24.0 kgf/cm2 or 240 meter WC conducting water at 20°C; 
- Maximum operating temperature: 80°C
- Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion: 6, 12x1 0•5/,C (average);
- There is no need for expansion joint;
- Chemical resistance: See CPVC's chemical resistance table on Product Data Sheet;
- Can be used in cold water installations with high pressure;
- Not suitable for conducting steam;
- Reference Standards: NBR 15884, NBR 7198.


The Tigre Aquatherm® Expansion Fitting comes lubricated, but before installation, move the piston throughout its extension to distribute the lubricant through the whole part. The Expansion Fitting must be installed with the piston partially extended, depending on the room temperature. Marking shall be in accordance with the illustrative table included in the product. In this case, we mark a measurement of 64mm, used for an average temperature of 30°C. Place the fitting with the piston partially extended, according to the marks. Mark the pipe cutting measurements, coinciding with the bottom of the Tigre joint fitting. After cutting the pipes, remove excess burrs. Apply the Plastic Adhesive Aquatherm® Tigre in the joint gaskets as well as on the pipe ends. Weld both ends of the Tigre Expansion Fitting quickly. Remove excess adhesive with a clean cloth. On the Product Data Sheet, you can check out all instructions for use and installation of the Aquatherm® Expansion Fitting.  

Can we conduct (household) gas in Aquatherm? 
No, there are no standards for this use and we don't have tests on it.

Why doesn't Tigre manufacture Thermovalve anymore? 
From the latest revision of NBR 7198, heating equipment had to adjust to the maximum temperature of water use, thus Thermovalve no longer applies.

What spacing should be used for Expansion Fittings Aquatherm? 
There is no set spacing, this data is taken from a calculation that considers temperatures active inside and outside the system. The engineer responsible for the construction must determine the number of fittings and their spacing.

Can Aquatherm be used exposed to the sun? 
No. This line does not have protection additives against UV rays.

Can I use Plastic Adhesive Aquatherm in other lines? 
Plastic Adhesive Aquatherm has a more aggressive formula, so its use is recommended only for the Aquatherm line or gauges from 50mm on weld pipes.


28 22853716 4
42 22853759 2
35 22853732 4
54 22853775 2


Bitola D L
28 28,3 329
42 41,7 363
35 35 348
54 54,4 403