• Maximum working temperature 45º
  • Diameter
  • Standard NBR 8160


- Efficiency: prevents foam from coming up the drain;

- Simple installation: install it yourself;

- Guaranteed sealing: anti-insects (insects do not go from the sewer to inside the house);

- Safety: avoids the contact of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito with stagnant water.




- Structure made of polypropylene;

- Available: 100 and 150 mm;

- Nut made of polypropylene, which allows contracting or expanding the sealing ring to ensure higher watertightness;

- Sealing ring and retainer in Nitrile rubber;

- Designed for installation in free conduction sewer systems (no internal pressure);

- Maximum operating temperature of 40°C;

- High functionality;

- Long lifespan;

- Reference standards: NBR 5688 and NBR 8160.


Remove the grate from the drain or syphon system. Slightly loosen the nut of the antifoam drain stopper. Attach the antifoam drain stopper on the drain or syphon system leaving the ledge on the syphon. Press the antifoam drain stopper until it is possible to mount the grate on it. Tighten the nut of the antifoam drain stopper and fix the grate on the drain or syphon system, leveling it with the floor. If necessary, repeat the procedure until final adjustment. In the Product Data Sheet you can check out the installation process of the Tigre Antifoam Drain Stopper.



100 27161006 4
150 27161502 4


Bitola B D H L
100 6,3 91 77,3 50
150 6,3 134,5 77,3 50