• Maximum working temperature 45º
  • Diameter
  • Standard NBR 8160


- Versatility: compatible with all waterproofing systems;

- Installation savings: the lower slope of the tab reduces the levelling mortar layer to about 1.5 cm;

- Increased blanket adhesion: tab texture facilitates the waterproofing blanket adhesion;

- Guaranteed efficiency: the area of ​​the opening for water passage is approximately 3.7 times greater than other models in the market.




- Made of PVC in white;

- Diameters: 100 and 150 mm;

- Tab with adequate slope to collect water, textured surface and stops for the waterproofing blanket;

- Mesh with openings for water passage;

- Grooves on the bottom to make settling easier;

- Gasket for welding of the extension pipe;

- Reference standards: NBR 5688 and NBR 8160.




Install the pipes and syphon system, depending on the construction type (horizontal or vertical). Weld, with plastic adhesive Tigre, an extension section in the syphon system (in case of floor slabs, the extension can be placed at the time of concreting). Apply the levelling mortar. Spread adhesive on the Anti-infiltration and fit it inside the extension, being careful to place it properly also in relation to the mortar. Weld the grate holder in the Anti-infiltration device. In the slope around the grooves for water absorption, place coarse sand to protect mortar inlet openings. Perform the installation of the waterproofing blanket so that it does not exceed the limiting ledges. Place the mechanical protective mortar to the extension where the blanket is located. Perform finishing as needed. For further information, check out the Tigre Antifoam Drain Stopper Product Data Sheet.


100 27151000 4
150 27151507 4


Bitola C D D1 DE E
100 40 101,6 218,1 97,8 24
150 40,5 147 273,5 142,6 24,5