- Modern design: it integrates with the decoration of the environment;

- Versatility: Universal model that allows the installation of DIN or NEMA standard circuit breakers, available in flush and surface-mounted options;

- Easy installation: With simple fitting components that streamline the installation without compromising its efficiency;

- Easy Handling: Door with reversible system and 180° opening;

- Easy Cleaning: The smooth surfaces of the board do not create incrustations and make cleaning easier;

- Safety: Its protection level represents less risk of access to live parts (energized parts) of the board, offering greater safety.



- Made of flame retardant PVC in white;

- Inputs in the 25 and 32 mm gauges at the bottom and sides for the installation of Tigreflex threaded or flexible conduits, with detachable inserts;

- It has notches to lock the fasteners to Drywall;

- Application in masonry walls and drywall; 

- It has an indication of the mounting position inscribed on the bottom of the board;

- Regulating towers allow up to 5 levels of height adjustment of the circuit breakers;

- Use of leveling brackets for installation in Drywall.

- Option with or without bus;

- The frame has space for sticking the identification tags;

- It includes blind PVC covers to cover the frame spaces not occupied by the circuit breakers;

- Cover in white or translucent white, with 180º opening, with the option to invert the direction of the opening;

- Cover and bottom separately packed;

- Reference standards: IP40 protection level according to the NBR 6146. NBR 5410, NBR 6808, NBR IEC 60670-1 and NBR IEC 60439-3.


The Tigre Distribution Board can be installed on masonry walls and drywall. In the Product Data Sheet or Technical Brochure, you will find the step-by-step installation instructions for each case.

How many Amperes do the Tigre distribution boards support? 

The Tigre distribution boards can be used with a maximum electrical current of 125A.


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