• Maximum working temperature 45º
  • 19
  • Standard NBR 8160


- Flexibility: exclusive swiveling ring and extensions that allow adjustments to the installation.

- Efficiency: ensured watertightness, does not leak and does not contaminate the soil, does not degrade and is not affected by sewage chemical attacks.

- Easy cleaning: smooth internal surface that prevents incrustations and includes a cleaning basket with handle for better hygiene during maintenance.





- Raw material: Body: PVC and Cover: ABS

- Color: Body: Grey and Cover: Black

- Diameter: - 2 75mm inlets and 1 50mm inlet; - 1 100 mm outlet (Double operation joints);

- Maximum Temperature: 45°C;

- Dimensions: 558mm x 300mm;

- Capacity: 19 liters of grease (higher than required by standard NBR 8160), serving a residential kitchen sink;

- It can be used in areas with high water table;

- It includes a cleaning basket with handle to help when removing solid waste (grease);

- Cleaning Basket can be purchased separately;

- Reference Standards: NBR 8160.



To install the Tigre Grease Trap, separate all parts and check the package contents. Adjust the swiveling ring, as required by the installation. For the inlets that will be used, cut with a hole saw. Assemble the parts of the grease trap (swiveling ring and cover holder) and weld the parts with Tigre's PVC Plastic Adhesive. Connect the pipes in the trap: follow Tigre's recommendations for performing joints in sewage installations. Double operation joints, weld or gasket. Insert the cleaning basket in the trap. Snap the Reinforced Cover to the trap's cover holder before applying concrete around it. If necessary, use the extension to adjust depth. In the Product Data Sheet, you can find more details on the installation.


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