• Raw material PVC
  • Diameter
  • Standard NBR 10844


- Durability: resistant to weather and corrosion;

- Easy installation with mounting eyebolts;



- The Aquapluv line consists of gutters, downspouts and connectors produced in PVC with anti-UV additive that protects system parts against the action of sun rays;

- Available in beige, adapts to different project styles;

- Vertical round downspouts;

- Gauge: 88 mm;

- Smooth internal surface;

- Secure fit of parts;

- Simple installation: connectors with eyebolts for mounting;

- Brackets available in two versions: PVC and metallic, painted in the gutter color.

- Reference Standard: NBR 10844.


We recommend using your bands for every 3m of round downspouts. If necessary, use a prop to keep the downspout vertical during installation. The downspout round band is composed by an articulated band and a locking pin. First mount the band to the wall with screw and bushing. Next, mount the downspout and lock the band with the pin.