Limitation of liability

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Information provided on this website does not have any express or implied marketing guarantee or compliance for any particular purpose. In no event shall TIGRE and/or its employees be liable for any damages, including lost profits, business interruption, or loss of information resulting from the use or inability to use the information provided herein. TIGRE does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of information, texts, graphics, links, projects, and other items from materials developed with or without information obtained from the website.

Errors and failures

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Documents, information, images and graphics published on this site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. In no event, shall we and/or our respective suppliers be liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from impossibility of use, loss of data or profits deriving from website access and performance, services provided or information available on this site. Access to services, materials, information and conveniences contained in this website does not guarantee their quality.

Website registration

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For using and accessing the website, it is not mandatory that the user is registered, thus providing his or her personal data. However, in order to access specific content, the following data must be provided: First and last names, CPF (SSN), date of birth, address, phone, email, with valid and correct information. The User will be solely responsible for the accuracy of the data and for keeping it up to date. TIGRE shall not have any liability, whether civil, criminal or any other nature, resulting from untrue, incorrect or incomplete data provided by Users.

Security Measures

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Access to specific areas of TIGRE website (s) may be subject to the use of a personal and non-transferable password and/or username. TIGRE recommends that your password and username are not disclosed to third parties under any circumstances. Children - If you are under 18 years old, you may browse the Site. However, you need permission from your parents or legal guardians. If TIGRE is aware that it has accidentally collected personal information from a user under the age of 18 without his or her parent's or legal guardian's permission, the information collected will be destroyed.

User Obligations

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It is strictly forbidden for the user to: a) send files that contain viruses, defective files or any other similar software that could damage the operation of TIGRE website (s); b) use any device, software, or other means that may interfere with TIGRE activities and operations; c) violate the legislation and regulations in force, nor affect the rights of third parties.

Use of Cookies

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A "cookie" is a short text article transferred from a site to the computer that is viewing the site. Even if you do not register on the site, when you visit the site for the first time (or in the following visits, if you delete your cookies), the cookie is saved on your computer, which allows you to be automatically recognized by the site. This is done for technical reasons, including to enable "user tracking" as described above.

Used information

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Information requested on this website will be protected. Ensuring you that provided personal information is used only in accordance with your prior authorization, by your acceptance and submission of this information. All user information received by TIGRE on this website is stored securely and is used exclusively by TIGRE. In the case of personal information sent by email, data will be used only for the purposes in the email itself and seeking the continuous improvement of the services provided by TIGRE to the user.

User consent

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By accessing this site, located at the URL you are expressing, confirming and providing your consent to collection and use of information, as well as other procedures described in the Privacy Policy below. TIGRE reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, without prior notice, by replacing it for a new privacy policy on this site. The collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by us will be decided by the version of this policy at the time of the event.

Applicability of policy

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This Privacy Policy will be applicable to all individuals or entities that use this site, owned by TIGRE MATERIAIS E SOLUÇÃO PARA CONSTRUÇÃO LTDA, enrolled with the Individual Taxpayer Registration under no. 08.862.530/0001-50 headquartered at Rua Xavantes, No. 54 – District: Atiradores in Joinville/SC (hereinafter defined as "TIGRE", "we", "our" and "ours"). People who will use this site, for all purposes, will be generically classified as "you", "yours" or "your").