• Paint roller which does not drip: 9mm high synthetic wool which ensures a better distribution of the paint from the roller to the wall and a better performance without any drips.
  • Flawless finishing: provides a quick, uniform coverage from the first coat.
  • Does not drop bristles: technology with provides a better fixation for the filaments.


1. Prepare the surface and the paint according to the paint manufacturer's recommendations. For a better result; make sure the surface is dry, clean, uniform, and adherent.

2. Rinse the Paint Roller with the solvent to be used for diluting the paint before the use.

3. Dip the roller in the paint tray, remove the excess and apply the paint by distributing it smoothly, by painting the surface with movements in "W", keeping the pressure uniform.

Storing the Product: after use, rinse and remove completely the water and dry in the shade.


23cm 61374230
15cm 61375150
9cm 61375090
  • Description: Non-Drip Synthetic Wool Paint Roller
  • Paint: Latex and Acrylic
  • Surfaces: Smooth Wall and Ceiling
  • Composition: Synthetic Wool
  • Wool height: 9mm
  • Average performance by application: 2.18m²

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