• Durability: Heavy-duty, thermosetting material is highly resistant to wear and scratches.
  • Soft Close: Soft Close mechanism ensures smooth closure of the lid, prevents noise and impact of the seat on the ware.
  • Ease of cleaning: the seat is removable with a simple click, can be washed in the tank, which ensures complete cleaning.
  • Finishing differentiated: sophisticated and slightly frosted, similar to ceramic of sanitary ware.
  • Tigre Warranty: your seat has a 01 year warranty.
  • Stainless steel fixing: it offers a more sophisticated and aesthetic appearance to the sanitary seat, providing resistance to moisture and waste cleaning products.


  • To mount and install: it is very simple, check the step-by-step in the technical data sheet below.
  • For cleaning: open the seat completely, press the unlock button and remove the seat. Can be tank washed however, do not use abrasive products (steel sponge and steel wool). Only use a soft cloth, water and mild soap.


Color CODE
Branco 300000590
Bege 300000591
Cinza 300000592
Preto 300000593
  • Available in white, beige, gray and black colors.
  • Consult the compatible ware in the technical data sheet.
  • Basic composition: high-strength thermosetting resin, nylon, stainless steel and copper, nickel and chromium alloys.
  • Rigid structure: injected seat and lid.
  • For sanitary basins that comply with NBR 15097: ceramic sanitary appliances.
  • Adjustable fasteners with stainless steel and nylon screws.

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