• Premium Product: greater durability, longer bristles and better performance on each stroke.
  • New Soft Grip Handle: anatomical handle, total adherence to the hand, more resistance, more firmness for each stroke.
  • Filament mix high-accuracy, synthetic, smooth and wavy.
  • It retains the paint and gradually distributes it to the wall, ensuring a more uniform painting.


1. Prepare the surface and the paint according to the paint manufacturer's recommendations. For a better result; make sure the surface is dry, clean, uniform, and adherent.

2. Rinse the Paint Brush with the solvent to be used for diluting the paint before the use.

3. Load the Paint Brush with the paint, remove the excess and apply it by distributing it smoothly, filling the surface with back-and-forth movements and keeping the pressure uniformly.

Storing the Product: after use, rinse and remove completely the paint and solvent used and dry in the shade.


3/4" 60920003
1" 60920004
1 1/2" 60920006
2" 60920008
2 1/2" 60920010
3" 60920012
4" 60920016
  • Description: Premium Paint Brush
  • Paint: Latex and Acrylic
  • Surface: Wall and ceiling
  • Composition: synthetic filaments

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