- Greater flexibility that ensures easy installation;

- Spigot with exclusive fitting for the sealing ring, which prevents its loss during installation;

- Perfect finish and easy cleaning;

- Corrosion-resistant;

- Ensured watertightness by the inlet and outlet sealing system;

- Does not require specialized labor for installation and maintenance.



- Raw material: Flexible PVC, coated with polyester woven mesh;

- Coupling made of flexible PVC, with nuts and nipple produced in rigid PVC;

- Maximum working pressure: 4kgf/cm² (40 meter WC or 400kpa) at room temperature 20ºC;

- It is resistant to corrosion and to the mechanical stress demands that the components are subjected when installed and used;

- It has a seal that allows the adequate inlet and outlet sealing of the flexible coupling, providing watertightness for the connection;

- It has sealing rings at the ends to ensure a perfect seal with only manual fastening;

- Reference Standards: NBR 14878;


Apply the Tigre thread seal tape only at the end of the nipple, which should be threaded to the elbow built into the wall. Then, screw the end of the coupling onto the nipple manually fastening it, and the other end of the coupling into the needed appliance. The tape seal is used only at the end of the nipple, in the others, the seal is ensured by the ring.


Branco 1/2"x60cm 26915864 10
Branco 1/2"x50cm 26915856 20
Branco 1/2"x40cm 26915848 20
Branco 1/2" x 30cm 26915830 20