• The best segment filtering element: made with the exclusive Carbon Block, which enables the unique shape of the refill and offers one of the best contaminant elimination systems found in water for human consumption.
  • Tigre Quality: Products tested periodically based on NBR 16098: 2012.
  • Simple and practical maintenance: the filter element does not need cleaning/backwashing, it is enough to discard the refill after its life (1,500 liters or approximately six months).


1. Check that the device wheel is in the neutral position.

2. To replace the refill, remove the purifier housing by unscrewing it, then repeat the process to remove the refill.

3. Mount the new refill to the purifier body by screwing it into the required fastening bolt, then repeat the procedure for mounting the housing. Do not apply force by threading the components.

4. IMPORTANT: Before the first use or exchange of the element are not covered by the warranty: filter, open the wheel in the purifier position and let flow 15 liters of water to clean the filter element.

Note: Do not apply force by threading the components.

Note 1: For homes with low pressure, remove the flow reducer. Thus increasing the water flow in the purifier.

Note 2: A temporary drip may occur through the purifier after first use, until full expansion of the filtration system occurs.


Color CODE
Único 300000651

¼ turn release mechanism, with ceramic seal;
Filtering element: with free chlorine reduction, retention of class D particles (≥ 15 to <30 μm), without bacteriological efficiency.

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