• Raw material PVC
  • Standard NBR 15465


- Easy installation - Flexible, lightweight PVC conduit with a special geometry that allows you to bend it to change directions, without any fittings;

- Savings - Reduces labor costs and deadlines for the execution of the installations, as it eliminates the use of connections;

- High mechanical strength - Ideal for use in slabs, it supports the load of the concreting process and the movement in the progress of a construction;

- Durable and resistant - Product with high chemical resistance. Made of PVC, Tigreflex conduits are corrosion-resistant;

- Safety - It does not propagate flames, meeting the criteria and tests of the International Standard NBR 15465.



- Made of Flame Retardant PVC;

- Orange color;

- Larger wall thickness;

- Parallel corrugation:

- Conduit diameters (gauge): 20, 25 and 32 mm;

- Conduits supplied in reels with 50 m (diameters of 20 and 25 mm) and 25 m (diameters of 32 mm);

- Diametral resistance of the conduits: loads up to 750N/5cm;

- Conduit with low friction coefficient makes introduction and passage of electric cables easier;

- Easy to storage;

- Reference Standards: NBR 15465 and NBR 5410.


In the Product Data Sheet or Technical Brochure, you will find the step-by-step installation instructions for each case.


Does the meter-to-meter marking in the conduit vary?

The marking is a benefit that serves as a guideline to separate and cut the conduit. Its length may suffer a variation based of its handling.


20 14211209 50
25 14211250 50
32 14211322 25


Bitola DE L
20 20 50000
25 25 50000
32 32 25000