- Durability: resistant to weather and corrosion;

- Greater flexibility for projects: options of color as well as round and square downspouts;

- Easy installation ensured by standard parts and simple assembly by just fitting the parts together, sealing through elastomeric joints e with eyebolts for direct mounting;



- The Aquapluv Style line consists of gutters, downspouts, connectors and brackets;

- Produced in PVC with anti-UV additive that protects system parts against the action of sun rays;

- Available in two color options: white and beige;

- Gauge:132 x 89/88 mm;

- Smooth internal surface: easier flow and prevents accumulation of sludge and leaves;

- Two adapter options: square and round;

- Secure fit of parts;

- Simple installation: connectors with eyebolts for direct mounting to the already existent fascia boards and seals;

- Rubber lip seals, ensuring watertightness, even for the critical changes in temperature;

- Brackets available in two versions: PVC and metallic, painted in the gutter colors;

- Reference Standard: NBR 10844.


After installing the brackets and the gutter, the next step is to place the Aquapluv Style Right-End Round Seamer, if the project requires closure of the gutter on the right side. In the product data sheet, you can check out the installation step-by-step.