• Raw material PVC
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 75
  • Standard NBR 5648


- Speed and convenience for repairs;

- Durability;

- Efficiency and Savings.




- Made of rigid PVC, as NBR 5648 (Brazilian Standard)

- Color: Brown;

- Diameters (gauge): 20, 25, 32, 40, 50, 60mm;

- Maximum working pressure: 7.5 kgf/cm (750kPa) at a 20°C water temperature;

- Can sustain hydrostatic pressure immediately after installation;

- Reference Standards: NBR 5626 and NBR 5648.


The TIGRE Repair Coupling is small and has a coupling system that allows interconnecting two fixed points. The wall should be open only on a small area, along the affected point. When solving the problem with Repair Couplings there is no need to use adhesive and threads, as the couplings have rubber rings for sealing. The damaged portion must be replaced by a new segment of the same type of pipe. Use two Repair Couplings, one on each end. Furthermore, the TIGRE Repair Coupling can also be used in exposed pipes, which have large straight sections, to correct or prevent problems resulting from the effects of thermal expansion and contraction. In this case, some precautions are required to prevent its displacement. The Repair Coupling should be fixed so that only the pipe moves. On the Product Data Sheet, you can check out the step by step on how to install a TIGRE Repair Coupling for Weld Pipe.


Can Brown PVC be used with hot water? 

The use of brown PVC is possible for water at temperatures up to 45°C, respecting the maximum pressure of 4Kgf/cm². However, for use in hot water systems, Aquatherm is the only Tigre pipe that meets all standards.


On which side should be the Adapter with flanges ring for the water tank?

The ring must always stay outside the tank.


Can Brown PVC be used exposed to the sun?

No. This line does not have protection additives against UV rays.


Can I bend brown PVC pipes heating up the pipe?

No. PVC pipes when heated in an uncontrolled manner lose their pressure and mechanical strength features. To crate curves, use the fittings available from the product line. Always follow your home's hydraulic design, it should be done according to the products available in the market.


Why should I use the Cleaning Solution?

The Cleaning Solution removes from the pipe and fitting surfaces dirt and "grease" that can damage the welding, as well as preparing the part's wall to receive the adhesive.


20 22172107 20
25 22172204 20
32 22172239 10
40 22172263 6
50 22172301 10
60 22172352 6


Bitola A D D1
20 46,0 20,4 30,6
25 51,5 25,4 36,0
32 59,0 32,4 46,2
40 75,0 40,4 59,3
50 83,0 50,4 66,5
60 94,5 60,4 80,1