• Resistance: resistant to pressure and high temperatures. Line tested and 100% approved by the standards of ABNT NBR 14878.
  • Aesthetics: stainless steel finish, ideal for hydraulic installations where the coupling becomes apparent.
  • Versatile: ideal for sinks, washbasins, urinals and other places that need connection to the water point.
  • Applications: 4 lengths (30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm) that meet the main standards of works.


Check out the full step-by-step in the datasheet available for download.

1. Apply Tigre thread sealing tape only to the tip of the male threaded hitch.
2. Screw the male end into the wall-mounted connection, applying only manual tightening.
3. Screw the other end of the coupling (female thread) into the appliance where you want it.
Warning: Do not apply a closed thread at this end (female thread), the seal is guaranteed by the ring that comes incorporated to the flexible coupling.

For cleaning, do not use abrasive products (steel sponges and steel wool). Use only damp cloth and mild soap.


Gauge CODE
1/2”X 30CM 300000581
1/2”X 40CM 300000582
1/2”X 50CM 300000583
1/2”X 60CM 300000584
  • Coupling made of stainless steel, non-toxic EPDM rubber and brass.
  • Maximum working pressure: 15 kgf/cm² (150 m.c.a) at 20°C;
  • Product in accordance with ABNT NBR 14878 (Flexible connections for hydraulic sanitary appliances - Requirements and test methods).
  • It is resistant to corrosion and to the demands of the mechanical stresses that the components are subject to when installed and used;
  • It has a seal built into the body of the female nut, providing a tight connection.

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