• Maximum working temperature 45º
  • Diameter
  • Standard NBR 8160


- Versatility: The articulated outlet enables to position it at any angle from 0° to 180º, making pipe settling easier;

- Optimizes the inventory: Replaces all 20 drains existent in the market;

- Easier specification and purchase;

- Allows installing Tigre's DN100 extension pipe, Anti-infiltration and Antifoam Drain Stopper;

- Exclusive cleaning basket: Prevents clogging of the sewer system, loss of small objects, retains hair as well as prevents the entry of insects such as roaches;

- Greater outlet flow: With basket: 0.42 l/s, Without basket: 0.86 l/s,

- Long lifespan.




- Made of rigid PVC in white;

- Maximum working temperature of 40 °C in continuous basis;

- Body internal diameter compatible with the DN 100 pipe, used as an extension, and DN 40 outlet;

- It includes a 90º elbow with an articulated outlet in 180°;

- It includes a rubber ring that ensures sealing of the articulated elbow;

- It includes a cleaning basket;

- Reference standards: NBR 5688 and NBR 8160.


To install the Tigre drain with articulated outlet, adjust the outlet slope swiveling the articulated elbow. The height of the drain is adjustable using a DN100 sewage pipe. Caution: Do not fix the sealing blanket on the inner walls of the drain to not block the removal of the cleaning basket. Use Tigre's anti-infiltration and fix the blanket on the appropriate tab.


Porta-grelha e grelha quadrados brancos

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Porta-grelha e grelha quadrados brancos
Bitola B D H b d h
100x40 15,7 101,6 84,5 18 40 73

It is a dry drain, whose output can be articualted at angles up to 180° and can be coupled in extensors of 100mm diameter.

Es un desagüe seco, cuya salida puede ser articulada en ángulos de hasta 180 ° y puede ser acoplado en prolongadores de diámetro de 100mm.

É um ralo seco, cuja saída pode ser articulada em ângulos de até 180° e pode ser acoplado em prolongadores de diâmetro de 100mm.