- Comfort - Polyurethane seat, which provides a smooth and "soft seat";

- Design - Lid with "drop" shape and glossy finish matching the sanitary ware pattern;

- Safety - It does not slide over the toilet due to the sealing rings of the mounting system;

- Easy installation - adjustable hinges for all oval toilets;

- Hygiene - "Handling" area on the lid and on the seat avoids contact with the toilet bowl; Smooth seat and lid for easy cleaning; Vent for air disposal is properly positioned to avoid contamination and bad smell.



- Compatible with oval toilet seats;

- Available in colors - white, gray, beige, caramel, green, salmon, blue and translucent;

- Lid - Injected in Polypropylene;

- Seat - Blown-molded, with polyurethane injection inside it.


The Suavit Toilet Seat is easy to install. It has adjustable hinges for all oval toilet seats, allowing adjustment so that the lid stays open. Clean the area before installing the new seat, then put the screws in the proper position and fasten the nuts.


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