- Comfort - Polyurethane seat, providing a smooth and "soft seat";

- Design: Sophistication in finishing and unique beauty. Winning product of the Idea Brazil design award;

- Hygiene: Mounting system that allows easy detachment of parts to be washed directly in the bathroom sink or utility sink. In addition to smooth seat and lid that makes cleaning easier;

- Vent to eliminate positioned air so as not to have contact with the toilet surface, avoiding its contamination and, consequently, bad smell.



- Compatible with toilet bowl models: Riviera, Calypso, Vogue Plus, Sabatine, Versato, Fit and Aspen;

- Available in colors - White, gray and beige;

- Lid - Injected in Polypropylene;

- Seat - Blown-molded in EVA, with polyurethane injection inside it.


Align the seat with the toilet. Make sure that the holes for securing the seats are aligned with those of the toilet. The bolts and nuts have a unique design and quick fit. See which hole is more centralized with that of the toilet and fit the screw, do this on both sides. Snap the nut to the top of the screw under the seat, thread to lock. Replace the finishing covers. If you have any questions, watch the video.


Bege 200 26915090 3 Produto descontinuado
Cinza 100 26915074 3 Produto descontinuado
Branco 000 26915066 3 Produto descontinuado

- Compatível com os modelos de bacias - Riviera, Calypso, Vogue Plus, Sabatine, Versato, Fit e Aspen;

- Disponível nas cores - Branca, cinza e bege;

- Tampa - Injetada em Polipropileno;

- Assento - Arco soprado em EVA, com injeção em Poliuretano no seu interior.