• Ensure versatility, water saving and design to your kitchen;
  • This tap wheel is round and the spouts have double-sealing, which ensures leakage-free safety;
  • Besides being convenient, this product is highly durable and resistant with a sliding ring system in the spout which reinforces sealing. Aerator nozzle sets water outlet and ensures up to 70% reduction in consumption.


  1. Before installing the kitchen tap, let the water run to remove soil from piping;
  2. Right after, shut off the water inlet valve and clean the site where the tap will be installed;
  3. The next step is removing the fixing nut, keep the flexible sealing in the tap and position it in the installation site;
  4. After that, screw the fixing nut by hand from below the bench, till the tap is fixed;
  5. Connect Tigre Flexible Coupling which shall already be connected to the wall. Off you go!
  6. Open the water inlet valve and your Tigre Kitchen Tap is ready to use.


Instruction for maintenance and cleaning:
  • To keep perfect functioning of this kitchen tap, apply just the torque needed to open and close. Excess torque may damage the product;
  • For cleanliness, do not use abrasive products as steel sponge or steel wool. Use only wet cloth with neutral soap.


Color CODE
White Cross 300000464
White Cross/Chrome 300000465
Cross Cromo 300000466

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