Tigre Tap for Repair has high resistance and durability just because it is made with ABS, better known as engineering plastic, which avoids kneading and rusts. Besides, its colors have UV protection and antirust ensuring the product does not wear over time. Versatile and practical, Tap for Repair can be easily installed.


  1. First, shut off the water inlet valve, right after remove the wheel, pulling it by hand;
  2. Unscrew the fixing nut from the device and remove it;
  3. After that, assemble the new device on the tap, screwing it tightly;
  4. Also screw the device fixing nut and fit the tap wheel. Off you go!
  5. Open the water inlet valve and your Tigre Tap for Repair is ready to use.



Color CODE
White Tigre Cross 300000450
Chrome Tigre Cross 300000452

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