Tigre trains more than 100 thousand professionals annually, with in-person training and online courses, contributing to the training of sales professionals and technicians active in the markets in which we are present. Many of the participants in the training program got their first job because of this and Tiger is proud to be a part of their stories.

Our training is aimed at business partners, installers, shopkeepers, engineers, architects and others who are interested in improving and learning about our products, solutions and services.
Participate in the courses and get even more wild in your executions.




The Specialist Program is a training program to train entire professionals, able to identify and handle all customer needs and provide the best solutions and services, ensuring a value sale, secure applications and satisfied customers.

The Tiger Specialist program is developed for you that works in the field of SALES or WORKS and is divided into three levels: partner, consultant and specialist.

With each completed course the professional gains new knowledge and skills, receives a certificate and still accumulates points in the Tiger World.

Completing all the training the professional becomes a TIGER SPECIALIST, ready to offer a service show, also contributing to offer a better experience to their customers.

You will receive your Tiger Specialist card, a special gift and will have double points in the Tiger World, which you can exchange for CDs and DVDs, movie tickets, fuel vouchers, toys, gift certificates, home appliances and many more.