• Raw material PVC
  • Maximum working temperature 20º
  • Pressure (m.c.a.) 100


- High impact resistance - due to impact modifier compound added to PVC;

- Greater productivity: the convenience of the integral gasket joint provides greater speed and agility in the maintenance of systems;

- Easy acquisition: the ring is already incorporated into the product, eliminates the need for ring inventory;

- Easy installation: The ring insertion step is not required.

The problem of missing the ring at the construction site is eliminated. Lower insertion effort in pipes;

- Guaranteed Watertightness: the ring already fixed in the gasket eliminates the possibility of its displacement when connecting the pipes;

- Better hydraulic performance - due to smooth internal surface;

- Easy maintenance thanks to the MPVC DeFoFo Repair Coupling.



- Raw material: PVC with impact modifier compound;

- Color: blue:

- Working pressure: 1MPa or 100 meter WC at 20°C(nominal);

- Maintenance with the MPVC DeFoFo Repair Coupling;

- Compatible with cast iron fittings;

- Pipes with JEI system (integral gasket joint): ring not manually removable made of EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber;

- Reference Standards: NBR - 7665/2007 and NBR 9822.


In the product data sheet, you can find the full installation step by step of the MPVC DeFoFo Pipe. Remember: always use lubricant paste in the gasket joint, as oil or grease may damage the rubber ring.


Are there PVC fittings for DEFOFO pipes, whether they are from the Irriga or Vinilfer line?

The only PVC fitting for the DEFOFO line (Irriga or Vinilfer) is the repair coupling (integral gasket joint), as the rest of the fittings is made of cast iron. They include a sealing ring, which is attached to the body of each part.

What does MPVC mean?

It means that the product is made of PVC 12 sigma, but with the addition of an Impact Modifier agent, making it more ductile, i.e. more impact resistant.

Can the repair coupling be used in vertical pipes?

The Repair Coupling is an important fitting for repairs to hydraulic pipes. It can be used in both horizontal and vertical systems, however it is of fundamental importance to perform anchoring or docking to prevent its movement.

What paint is suitable for painting PVC sewage and brown pipes that will stay under sun and rain?

To protect pipes from UV rays, we recommend a water-based paint, and no paints based on solvents or oil are recommended, as these can lead to loss of pipe resistance.


100 10801818 1
150 10801834 1
200 10801850 1
250 10801877 1
300 10801893 1
350 10804051 1
400 10801915 1
500 10801931 1


Bitola B DE L e
100 122,8 118 6000 4,8
150 150,1 170 6000 6,8
200 177,8 222 6000 8,9
250 187,8 274 6000 11
300 207,1 326 6000 13,1
350 223 378 6000 15,2
400 248,6 429 6000 17,2
500 268,5 532 6000 21,3

The main benefits are: High impact resistance due to the compound, Higher productivity due to the ease of the JEI joint, Ease of acquisition because the ring is already incorporated in the pipe, Better hydraulic performance due to the smooth inner surface, Interchange with pipes and fittings of cast iron, Maintenance facilitated due to the PVC Sliding glove.