• Ease of use: 1/4 turn wheel, ceramic valve which make it easy to open and close.
  • Durability: Made from engineering plastic (ABS), lightweight, tough and durable material. In addition, the product has application of UV additive that protects the colors for longer.
  • Tigre quality guarantee: 100% tested and standardized product (NBR 10281).
  • Design and Beauty: curved and contemporary features with steering wheel rod that makes the product ergonomic and modern.
  • Water saving and watertightness: aerator nozzle that brings up to 50% more water savings and spouts with double sealing to avoid leaks and system with sliding ring.


Check out the step-by-step illustrated and complete in the datasheet available for download just below.

1. Before installing the faucet, flow the water to remove dirt from the tubing.

2. Close the general valve and clean the place where the faucet is installed.

3. If necessary, unscrew the nut and remove the spout to facilitate installation.

4. Thread sealing tape Tigre (sold separately) in the input connection, 3 to 4 turns are sufficient. Use the 1/2" to 3/4" adapter if necessary.

5. Screw the faucet manually to the wall. If necessary, reassemble the spout.

6. Open the general valve. Your Tigre Faucet is ready for use.


Color CODE
Branco com Cromo 300000669
Branco 300000670
Cromado 300000672

Composition: engineering plastics, polypropylene, ceramics, brass, elastomers and metal alloys.
Available colors: White, White with Chrome and Chrome.
For use in cold water.
Working pressure: up to 4.0 kgf/cm²;
Conditions of Use: 38° C.
Ceramic Valve ¼ turn.
Wall model gauge: ½" with adapter for ¾''.
Minimum Flow: 0.04L/s.
Product manufactured in accordance with NBR 10281 standards.

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